CRM Short Comings – What Your CRM isn’t Telling You With Steve Urell Episode #6

“CRM Short Comings – What Your CRM isn’t Telling You”. It takes on the age-old question of pipeline, forecast, and commit as debated in sales meetings. Your Customer Relationship Management Systems are powerful tools for collecting contacts, and managing opportunities, and looking at general pipeline information.  Despite that, they do leave gaps in salespeople and business leaders’ knowledge.

Steve’s approach to Sales Opportunity Management means you can go from “what you think you know” to “what you actually know” Moving from fiction to fact when it comes to your best opportunities to win business and competitive position.

In this episode our guest Steve Urell an internationally known and much sought after sales coach and trainer talks about common misconceptions. and CRM shortcomings. All while laying the foundation for how to improve it for individual sales reps, sales leaders, and even the CFO grasp on the business.

We cover how companies use their CRM systems. What information they can see and use Plus how they try to utilize the systems in ways they weren’t designed for. He delves into how executive management and business owners use the sales team’s input to project their financial and inventory needs. Closing with how to make those tools even more powerful by implementing a highly focused Sales Opportunity Management Program.

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