Being More Effective and Efficient Episode #10

Being more Effective and Efficient with special guest Dorinda Haskel commemorates the 10th Episode of Bowties and Business Podcast .Dorinda is the first female guest to join the show and a trend we look forward to continuing.. Bowties Aren’t just for boys!

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The Being More Effective and Efficient episode covers

This interview covers 4 separate areas of effectiveness and efficiency including simplifying and eliminating decisions, and specific advice for customer service professionals.

Part 1 Being More Effective and Efficient 

Introduction and Overview of Being More Effective and Efficient

What is the Best Way to Get Organized in a Digital World?

How Should you go about prioritizing your activities?

Any Tips for Managing Your Calendar

No Email on Planes Policy

Work Your System – Color Coding Tasks and Projects

Getting Your Veggies In – Making the Most of Your Most Productive Time

Part 2 Simplifying and Reducing Decisions

A Capsule Wardrobe Conversation

Think About the Things You Can Control

Eliminate Decisions – Exercise from Dave Asprey’s Game Changers Book

Standardizing Things to Take the Guess Work Our of Life

Establishing a Mourning Routine

The Two O’clock Rule

Part 3 Three Priorities and Preparation to be more Effective and Efficient

Do Priorities or approaches vary if you’re a sales professional?

You were a key team leader in a global software deployment. What did you learn as part of that process in terms of preparation?

What Do You Do to Prepare Someone to Be Uncomfortable?

How can being asked to participate in company wide infinitives make you a better sales person?

Any Advice on how can Customer Service Professionals can better organize their day?

Part 4 – Customer Service and Non Traditional Success Stories

A Breath of Fresh Air – An Account Coverage Success Story

Live Conversations – Separating the Best of the Best

Sales Stereo Types – Not Fitting the Mold

3 of the most non traditional sales people you helped develop in to top performers

The Super Geek to Super Human

Mister Tell Me NO!

Analytical and Unassuming Sales Superstar.

About Dorinda

She has had a successful sales focused not only on the number but also on her teams and clients being more effective and efficient. This is her first appearance on the site and the podcast. Stay tuned as it’s only the start. She will be sharing other great productivity, organization and sales ideas with all of us.

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