Selling Over Web Conferences and Video Calls

Selling Over a Web Conference has gone from a rarity to a foundational part of Selling in the New Normal. As the importance of remote selling continues this Podcast episode focused on Video Best Practices for Remote Selling. 

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After all more and more companies are stopping their reps from being on customer sites. Meeting face to face is out of bounds across a variety of industries, It’s true in technology, medical sales. real estate, and so many more.  Video is the new normal, selling over a web conference and making the most of each and every call is more important now than ever.

10 Best Practices When Selling Over a Web Conference

  1. Make Eye Contact
  2. Be Aware of Your Body Language
  3. Attire Still Matters
  4. Think About the Background
  5. Sound Is a Key to Being Heard and Understood
  6. Lighting – Yes You Need Some
  7. Camera Placement – Eye Level or Above
  8. Be Aware of the Chat Settings on the Web Conference Service Being Used
  9. Content is Still Key
  10. It’s a “Real” Meeting so Follow Up
  1. Eye Contact – Varies with the number of attendees but for small audiences make sure others know you’re engaged.

2) Body Language- Stand and move. We instinctively are drawn to movement. Use this along with small gestures to hold the audience’s attention and focus.

3) Attire- Professional dress sets the tone of the meeting. If you’d wear a suit then maybe dial it back. Then again maybe not and dress like your typically would for an in-person meeting.

4) Background – You can have fun with virtual backgrounds but when on video be aware of what is behind you and who may walk through the frame while on a call. One client in the finance industry was on a call with a customer who had a naked man appear as he was going for coffee.

5) Sound – Your PC Mic and speakers suck. No, really they do! Upgrade!

6) Lighting – This is a struggle for many of us. Me included. as my kids tell me don’t back light without front lighting and stop shining the light up from underneath you are not in a metal band.

7) Camera Placement Eye Brown level or above shooting downward is the most flattering

8) Chat Settings – Be careful who can communicate with who on the in conference what and be careful what you say there. often times they are provided at the end of the call to the hosts.

9) Content – Of is is weak don’t use it. Treat this like a real meeting because guess what? It is!

10) Follow Up – The usual rules apply. Follow up with everyone, be detailed. no different than any other sales call.

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