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Today’s topic is developing leadership skills and our guest is Jeff Hancher the founder of the Champion’s Forum. Jeff is a keynote speaker and works with companies of all sizes as a leadership coach offering private and group coaching, His Career began serving his country in the United States Army.  

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After which he joined the private sector workforce a blue-collar worker. A true case of hard work and dedication paying off he would be promoted 10 times and hold an executive leadership position at that same fortune 500 company.

What started as a dream to change his own life soon became a dream to help change the lives of others. He realized that being a leader was a way to accomplish this and found great satisfaction in helping others achieve their personal and professional goals.  Jeff wants his legacy to be that he made a positive impact on the multitudes of people by helping them realize their fullest potential.

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A Military Background as a Launching Pad for Developing Leadership Skills

Jeff’s leadership journey began in the purest sense and was driven by the overwhelming urge to start giving back. Coming from poverty it was a way to break out and change his circumstances and become dependant. Of course, it was also an opportunity to watch great leaders and learn from how they carrier themselves from Drill Sergeants on up. How they carer for their soldiers, how the taught and developed individuals. It created the first sense and admiration for leadership.

The thirst to be a leader and an Influencer went on to grow. Leadership is what you do and not who you are, While not everyone starts as a big dream as Jeff entered the corporate world as a blue-collar worker those seeds and desire to develop his career, and financial security were already starting to grow.

Developing Leadership Skills from the Ground Up

Life takes turns and twists we never see coming. After the military, Jeff was 2 weeks away from being the first person in his lineage to go to college but family circumstances changed that and he put school on the back burner and came home to help care for his parents. After answering an ad in a newspaper for a hard worker he used the only skill he knew he had which was the ability to work hard and be dedicated as the foundation for his career.

A true American success story he started as a route driver covering others who were out and learning the business from the ground up. Inspired by seeing salespeople in the office in their sharp attire and shiny shoes it set the vision for his next step on his leadership journey.

Advice for Developing Leadership Skills in Younger People

  • Dream Bigger Earlier
  • Get Better at Your Job
  • Gain Recognition and Opportunity by Excelling at your Current Position
  • Dare to Chase After More in Life

Growing Into a Sales Role

Desire and Skill can have a vast contrast. You can’t just talk about what you want but be about what you want. Setbacks and rejections happen. Taking the opportunity to grow even in the face of failure.

Invested in himself and sales training. It took another year until another sales job opportunity presented itself.  Investing $2,500 in a 12 week sales training class Jeff found himself surrounded by people who were nothing like himself. Simply put he was uncomfortable in the setting but quickly found three keys to success.

  1. Engage Your Motivation
  2. Be Accountable
  3. Work to Contentiously Improve Yourself

Winning is uncomfortable but losing is uncomfortable too. Find a mentor who will help you grow and develop. Let your actions speak because others are always watching and work to be in a state of readiness. You should attach yourself to people who have been where you want to go. Choose people who have really been there and then hitch your wagon to them and learn to form a mutually beneficial opportunity.  

How Do You Develop Your Own Leadership Style 

Flow in the style that best suits you. If it’s as a servant leader and coach then let that be your approach. The best leaders don’t just teach what they know but they reproduce who they are.

There are many styles of leaders from servant leaders to autocratic, from the aggressive leader to the visionary. The very best leaders know when to be nimble and can flex and weave into the environment. They feed their people what they need not what the leader wants. That dynamic ability and flow are what gets the best results. When developing your leadership skills know what your High-Performance Activities (HPA) and spend as much time as you can in those HPA’s and outsource what you can.

Keys To Growing Your Career

Results – Will Get You Noticed, the spotlight and the attention follow and opportunity will find you. They are not enough to get you to the levels you desire.

Methods – The only way to have sustainable results is to have discipline and a repeatable process. One way to get that is by having a great mentor or coach who is helping install those skills and their success in your approach.

Culture – Digest your company’s objectives. Know them inside and out. Get true insight into your company’s culture   

Personal Brand – Have the mindset that everyone you meet can impact your career.  Don’t be afraid to take the tough assignment.  Accept the challenge and problems. 

Mindset- Mindset can make or break your pursuit.  Start acting now like the job you want. Read the books, learn the business put the extra effort in now for the job you want in the future.  

As you grow up the ladder the internal competition is fierce. Start building for the future today.

Executive Leadership Mastermind Program

Jeff has a new series designed for seasoned leaders and is an intimate 10 person mastermind group with guidance, a lot of Q&A.  

He also offers a program for newer leaders for up to 30 people that covers leadership events of the day, to skills that have stood the test of time, leadership styles.  That group meets twice a month via zoom.

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