10 Things Top Performing Salespeople Need to Stay On Top

What are the things top performing salespeople need to stay on top? This episode looks at things at a list of things top-earning salespeople have shared as part of our sales coaching business. Some are simple items that they need to stay on top of their game. Others require more work but come with their own rewards.

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This the second part of our 30 Things Top Performing Sales People Need and Want series. Be sure to check out last week’s episode 10 things top salespeople know is a waste of their time.

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Things Top Performing Salespeople Need to Stay On Top of Their Game

  1. Real Help Winning Complex Competitive Opportunities
  2. Help Planning How to Maximize Their Compensation Plan.
  3. They Want Support and Coaching that Helps Them Achieve More
  4. Assistance Getting into Accounts They Don’t Have or Haven’t Been Able to Break Into
  5. Confidence They Won’t Get Nickle, Dimed, or Robbed by the Company when they find their next game changer sale.
  6. Approaches that Help Neutralize Competitive Threats
  7. They want to be challenged on how to grow their current book of business
  8. Be Pushed to Go Beyond What They Can Do Themselves
  9. Ideas, Skills, and Attitude That Makes Them Better every day, every month and Quarter.
  10. Ability to Focus on the Things that Matter

Real Help Winning Complex Competitive Opportunities

When it comes to keeping a top sales person on top of their game the answer is not “It’s on the website.” They need collaboration, strategy, the ability to learn from others, and not a “battle card” of video on features and benefits.

What they need is a strategy the ability to execute it and a strong team to help them make that complex B2B sale.

Help Planning How to Maximize Their Compensation Plan.

Money isn’t everything but top performers often are driven by it as a way to keep score beyond its value. It’s a measure of if they are on top of their game and on top of their region, country, or even company in terms of sales. One of the most popular exercises we run as part of sales coaching programs. If you want to learn more start with How to Maximize Your Sales Compensation Plan 

They Want Support and Coaching that Helps Them Achieve More 

As a sales leader, it’s challenging to stay close to the business. It’s even more challenging to break the habit of spending too much time on the parts that are not running optimally and start spending more time with your top performers.  That dedication to working and challenging the best members of the team is one of the things top performing salespeople need to stay on top. Internal motivation and their own drive alone isn’t always going to be enough.

This isn’t about a pat on the back during a sales call or an award for the quarter’s performance. Yes, those things are nice but your best sellers need your help, dedication, and insight to keep at peak levels.   Odds are none of us got into sales management to endless stare at spreadsheets and fight about budgets. Top performers really do need your guidance in their planning, in their execution and in their selling efforts. They don’t want you to take over but they want cover fire when needed and you to help show them the way.

Ideas for Sales Leaders to Keep their Best Sellers Growing

It really is easy for a sales leader to focus too much time on the parts of the businesses that isn’t working. Having been in that chair it is unavoidable and something that needs done. Your best sellers really do suffer when that approach takes over.

Support Don’t Smother

It’s not about smothering your “A” players with praise, or micromanaging them to death. That said they want to grow and continue to achieve, they want actual help and support beyond a sign off on an expense report from the last big “customer outing” in the pre=pandemic world.

Truly Help Them Sell

Help them sell, as a leader find a way to add value to their business and become part of. Don’t take the victory lap when it all goes well. The director should never upstage the star in a play. The sales manager shouldn’t be the public face of a win in the company it should be the rep whose deal it was.

Be their internal advocate and champion with the other functional business areas.

It’s Not Just a Numbers Game Things Top Sales people need to stay on top

And perhaps most of all be present when working with them. Challenge to hit greater heights and career satisfaction. That’s not always more sales. More money isn’t always the answer. It may be part of the answer but for many, it’s a sense of purpose, appreciation, and recognition. Of truly helping their customers solve problems not just flipping boxes of products. recognize what they need to stay motivated.

What are the things top performing salespeople need to stay on top? A good sales manager, time, support, and focus on their needs as well as their customer’s.

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