Aligning Marketing to Support Your Business Goals Episode #38

Marketing sometimes feels like a black hole.  If you haven’t aligned marketing and their objective and given them measurable and meaningful goals it’s money wasted.  This episode talks about the varying skill sets between new hire marketing folks vs a fractional CMO 

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Fractional CMOs come with experience and a network to get things done.  The need to have sales and marketing working together and how not all metrics and measurements 

About Andrew

Andrew Deutsch is a multilingual global strategic marketing and sales consultant who has successfully driven business growth in more than 100 countries.  His extensive global travel experience creatively melding practical strategic business concepts with solid psychological theory are behind his bold and innovative methods.

His company Fangled Tech is a strategic marketing consultancy with services including fractional CMO leadership, in-depth research beyond the financials for M&A, in addition to total branding and go-to-market strategy creation.  Check him out at fangledtech.comare created equal or drive the desired business outcome.

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