Living Life From a Place of Love with Joel Holc

Living from a place of love is a powerful tool for healing, transforming our own lives and self-image. Our discussion today is “The Eggshell Effect” author Joel Holc. Joel has led an amazing life. Born in Argentina, raised in Israel,…

and having lived and worked in Israel, Europe, South America, and the United States his journey from fear, self-awakening, and healing is an inspirational and powerful story for anyone who wonders how and why they have gotten to the exact moment they are in life.

Today we explore Joel’s story, his self-healing, and his energy work with others so they can live freely and from a place of love and acceptance rather than fear.

To learn more about Joel, his book, and his work please visit his site.

For show Notes and highlights on Living Life from a Place of Love, also see Tim’s review of Joel’s first book “The Eggshell Effect”.

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