Sales and Business Pivots for Future Growth

Business as we know it has changed forever.  Today we talk about the Sales and Business Pivots for Future Growth that owners, leaders, and sales professionals need to make to thrive in the future.

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Sales are the engine that drives a company’s ability to invest, grow, and continue.  Today’s Guest Lynn Whitbeck helps us understand the importance of sales training, strategy, and the voice of the customer in B2B Selling.

About Lynn
Lynn Whitbeck is the Founder and CEO of Petite2Queen, and she helps the world by providing women with virtual mentoring, leadership programs, and tools to achieve more, faster. Building on her successes and experiences in executive leadership roles, Lynn shares the lessons learned along her journey to supercharge your career. She teaches women to tap into their inner tigress, transform habits, unleash self-assurance, and emerge a leader. 

 Lynn is the co-author of the highly regarded book, Practical Wisdoms @ Work. This quick-read guide provides insights to navigate situations, challenges, and opportunities that arise every day in business. Teaching you how to broaden your career with skills that will set you apart.

 You may have seen Lynn in USA Today, HuffPost, Chicago Tribune, and more!

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Questions from Sales and Business Pivots for Future Growth

1) What have you seen forced to change in Sales Strategy since the start of the pandemic?

2) How can companies, business owners, and sales leaders evaluate their needs to pivot their businesses?

3) Are you seeing companies change their business models to emerge strongly from the slow down?

4) How can product mix and expanded services change the bottom line?

5) What are your suggested first steps to evaluate a businesses’ current services offerings?

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