Author Interviews Best of 2020

This year we have had an amazing array of guests. When looking back at how to truly celebrate their expertise, willingness to share, and help others be successful. With that, we’ve made a best-of series for your listening pleasure over the holidays. All of the episodes are under 20 minutes. Perfect for that last run to curbside pick up before the festivities start.

This episode features Dominick Domasky of Motivation Champs, Christopher Wirth of the Positivity Tribe, Ryan Stanley of Be Patient, Be Present, Be Joyful, Michael Levitt the Chief Burn Out Officier, and Claire Chandler of the Profitable Swager program (Her new book is already out. Claire and her coauthor Ben will join us in early 2021.)

Listen to the full episode with Dominick on “Motivation and Inspiration”

Dominick Domasky

Dom, arrived at writing books and motivational speaking with a unique background. He doesn’t claim to have climbed Mt. Everest or be an Olympic Gold Medalist; Dominick is proud to say, he’s just a guy trying to find success. He learned the value of hard work as a young boy pulling weeds and picking up cigarette butts while working for his father’s landscape company.

Even though Dominick has been punched, jobless, broke, cut from the team, and out of business, with the help of those early lessons and a belief in himself, he refuses to ever give up.

Rather than look back at the past with ill will, Dominick instead guides us to find humor and strength in our failures. Dominick lives by the age-old saying, “That which does not kill us, only makes us stronger.” He wrote the hit inspirational book, “Don’t Double Bread The Fish” coauthored and created The Amazon Bestseller “The Unofficial Guide to Fatherhood.

Christopher Wirth

​Christopher is the host of the No Quit Living Podcast which has been rated as a top 50 Business Podcast on iTunes. Christopher is a sought after Keynote Speaker. He is dynamic speaker that motivates, inspires and captivates the audience!

​Christopher began his coaching career as an AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) Basketball Coach, Collegiate Basketball Coach, as well as High School Basketball Coach.

Don’t miss the full conversation with Chris about “How a Positive Mindset Leads to Better Results”.

Chris Wirth of the Positivity Tribe

Catch more from Ryan in out Full Interview with him on how “Fear Can Ruin Every Aspect of Your Life

Ryan Stanley

Ryan is a lifelong entrepreneur who is known for his impressively natural ability to connect with, understand and empower those who are in pursuit of and willing to make significant changes in their personal and professional lives so they can end up being the best versions of themselves. Since graduating from The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) Ryan has changed the lives of hundreds of clients from all walks of life.

In 2019 Ryan published his first book ‘Be Patient, Be Present, Be Joyful: A First Aid Kit for the Emotional Bumps, Scrapes, and Bruises of Life’ (see Tim’s review) . It can be found anywhere that books are sold and on his own website

Michael Levitt

Michael Levitt is the founder & Chief Burnout Officer of The Breakfast Leadership Network, a San Diego and Toronto-based burnout media firm. He is an in-person and Certified Virtual Speaker, a Certified NLP and CBT Therapist, a Fortune 500 consultant, bestselling author, and hosts the Breakfast Leadership Show, a top 200 podcast on iTunes. Michael’s A Top 20 Global Thought Leader on Culture with Thinkers360. and a former Healthcare executive, overseeing $ 2 Billion budgets.

Our conversation with Michael was about “Surviving and reinventing yourself after burning out“.

Michael Levitt the Breakfast Leadership Network

Claire Chandler

Working with many diverse startups and corporations over the last 25 years, Claire experienced that most companies fall apart once they start to scale. As a solution to this business timebomb, she created the ’Whirlpool Effect’ – a revolutionary way to align your leaders and teams around a unifying vision that attracts, retains and motivates the right talent to achieve your mission.

Claire’s simple yet powerful process is helping many companies find and fix bottlenecks that are choking their business performance so they can rapidly scale while reducing their growing pains.

It’s time to grow into the leader your people can’t wait to follow.

Listen to the full episode “Building Companies That Can Scale Quickly”

Author Interviews Best of 2020

Tim Kubiak 0:09
I can thank you as always for listening to both ties and business. Hope you’re having a safe and fun holiday season. And I hope you’ve done the planning. And now we’re ready to execute on a profitable and amazing 2021. Today’s episode is our best. So start with my friend diamond. But you’ll also be hearing from Brian family, Michael bobbitt and Claire Chandler who has a new book coming up. We’ll talk more about that or be on the show in upcoming episodes. So with that, let’s hear from my friend Dominic capacity. Got him into the publishing business and how he spreads.

Dominick Domasky 0:52
I find those people I, as I study and look for people that have a charisma have a message to share. A lot of times I do reach out to them. And I’ll say, Hey, I like what you’re doing. It’s pretty cool. Or I may follow them. They may be people that, that I’m just, I just enjoy their content and I will share a message with them. I’m never afraid. If you look through my DMS right now they’re from Gary Vee that Elon, the rock, Seth Rogen to my authors and things like that there are really hundreds of VMs that I’ve sent out to people just think I like what you’re doing cool, keep it up, keep up the good work. And then sometimes people do find the motivation champs where they are people that want to share that message. And they come on and share, share a message where they’re from California and share a message of freedom and love. And it’s a message that I like, you know, I’ll follow, I’ll follow them and reach out to them. So and then, of course, now that we’ve done it, and we’ve had authors from really Australia and Dubai and California and Canada, it does grow, what would we call that grass roots to it grows by people just saying, hey, this guy does a good job. And we’ll get we’ll get calls from them too.

Tim Kubiak 2:18
And if you haven’t already done so, go check out Dom at motivational champs next walk, see hear from one of the folks who he’s helped with his book this week. And that is Chris work. Chris runs the podcast, no quit living, it’s an amazing production in and of itself. But here he is talking about how he came to write his book positivity tribe, and why the world needs positive.

Christopher Wirth 2:44
It so in May in June, in July of 2019, a couple of friends and I just took some of our we have these very small thin pads that are white paper. And what we didn’t realize at the time, is that they look identical to parking tickets. So we put these positive quotes on them. And we were leaving them under the windshield wipers on cars in Connecticut in New York, which is where I am. And then fast forward, we started putting the notes on Instagram, we started putting some tags and some things out there. And then people reached out to us via dm or on the comments of our posts and said, Hey, where do I get these, I’d love to put them out. So we did, we went ahead and we we printed out quite a few of them. And we’ve mailed them out to people. And the best part about it is it’s just a way to share and spread positivity. And it’s not just during these these crazy times. We’re going to continue this after and it started before. But what I found is that people gravitated to this, and a good friend of mine, a gentleman by the name of Fred corbon, who’s one of the assistant coaches at the University of Kansas for the men’s basketball team. He’s been a huge advocate of this. And what he did was he took those notes, and he created his positivity poll. And what he does is he lays them out on this positivity pole that’s on the corner, two different corners on the street and people walk by it. And people have been asking, Hey, when when’s the next note coming up on the positivity pole. And the new station last night just did a special on it. It was really cool. And there have been a couple of newspapers that have done it as well locally and in Kansas. And what I’m realizing what I’m seeing is that people gravitate towards positivity just as much as they gravitate towards negativity. And what we try to do and what we read in the intro is that the PMA we call a positive mental advantage that we coach with our clients is he’s approaching things with that positive mindset. And it doesn’t mean that you’re going to accomplish everything you’re going to be undefeated. But statistics have shown science has proven that if you approach certain things with a positive mental attitude, positive mindset, you have a higher chance statistically, of a better outcome than you do if you approach something with a negative outcome. And it’s so very simple but when you break it down People don’t realize the value of what it is to be positive not only individually but with sports teams, companies, and especially in business.

Tim Kubiak 5:11
So right now, business, everybody’s figured out, right? Do I go back to an office? Do I? Do my employees stay from home, stay at home to stay home forever? What’s that look like? What’s a way that people would benefit from your type of coaching and your new book as they go through these times and navigate these waters?

Christopher Wirth 5:31
I appreciate that. That question I think, for for people that are going through these very difficult and I think unchartered territories, uncharted waters, especially in this country and throughout the world, and I have a lot of clients that are that are downsizing, obviously, everybody is working remotely, some businesses are obviously getting back to quote unquote, normal and will actually go back to normalcy in the sense of having their office space and employees, maybe there’ll be distance, but they’re going to be there and other employees are, are downsizing. And I have a couple of clients that have completely gone away from an actual office, a client of mine, in the Midwest actually just did not release, renew, excuse me his lease, he’s going to work and have his employees work remotely. And I think the reason why this type of coaching works is these are uncharted territories, and having a positive mental advantage. And having a positive mindset is going to help you get through this.

Tim Kubiak 6:29
It’s been a tough year. And it’s amazing to see people with the outlook like DOM and Chris have. So again, you can find Chris with the positivity tribe. Next up, Brian’s doctor, patient, joyful, I reviewed his book is finding a copy for a few. It literally lives in my backpack. So with that, here’s Ryan, talking about how he felt ready to transform their Brave New World, what advice would you give to anybody who’s ready to change their life?

Ryan Stanley 7:08
Yeah, I think it’s a great question. So as far as like I mentioned, we, as coaches, we typically don’t like to give too much advice. But since you asked, I would say Listen up, the first thing is to decide what that looks like. Right. So if you’re on, fulfilled with your life, if you’re not content with who you are in any area, whether it be business, whether it be relationship, whether it be finances, anything you want, there’s an important moment where you need to decide what it is that you do want. It’s one thing to sit there and complain about what you don’t have what you don’t like or to stare at that. And that’s really going to keep getting you what you’ve already gotten, in my opinion. So there comes a moment where if you’re not fulfilled, and you’re ready to make a change, to actually go through the effort of going back to Napoleon Hill, go through the effort to write down your statement of desire, who do you want to be? What do you want your life to look like? How do you want to live every day, physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, you know, what, all these different areas, write it down. So that’s a B, is then decided that isn’t a potential outcome decided that will actually happen. If you put in the time and effort like you, you have to have faith in the outcome and believe that it is a possibility. Because you could write stuff down and say it all day long. But if you don’t actually believe it’s gonna happen, you’re there’s a part of you that’s just fighting against yourself.

Tim Kubiak 8:21
Thanks for being on show. He continued to Massey stay in contact. And if you don’t follow me on LinkedIn, get great content there, pilot. And next, Michael, Michael, near and dear to my heart, because I started doing what I’m doing. Because I burned out, he reversed himself as chief burnout officer, if you don’t know as backgrounders Health story, he survived a Widowmaker his heart attack, that should have ended his life and since then, he’s helping others avoid that same kind of. So you’re an executive listening to this. You’re an entrepreneur listening to this, you’re going, you know what, I’m going hard, but I’m not burning out what some symptoms or signs they might be, that they’re not recognizing.

Michael Levitt 9:08
Some common sciences, their sleep habits, are they getting a good night asleep, or they tossing and turning or only getting a few hours of sleep? Yes, there’s the Gary V’s of the world that can only sleep a few hours and they’re fine. Okay, those are not your typical results. And so I don’t, I’m not condemning Gary Vee, it works for him. He seems to be healthy, great than you know, it works for him. That’s great. But for most people, they do need seven, eight hours of restful sleep. And what happens is if you don’t get restful sleep, that means your body is not repairing the damage that we do to ourselves on a daily basis and we can be the healthiest specimens on the planet. At 0% body fat, eat kale salads all day, all of the things that we get told on what healthiest for you, and we can be that way. But if you’re not getting proper sleep, We still do damage to our bodies based on what we consume from a food standpoint, from the air we breathe, the news, we consume the information and stressors and everything that happens in life. So if we don’t get restful sleep, our body can’t repair that damage. So what happens is, the damage that we’ve done today will get piled out of the damage that happens tomorrow, and the next day and the next day and the next day. And then that can lead to mental issues and physical issues such as clogged arteries, for example, another sign that comes up a lot is you start getting more forgetful, and you can’t think clearly on things or you’re making more mistakes at work. Another common one, too, is if you’re more irritable than you normally are, because some people are just naturally irritable, and they’re happy, go lucky, and they’re healthy, and they’ll never have any health problems. But there are some people where that’s not their normal mode. But they get into that. And when you start seeing that you get snappy with your team or with your family, that is potentially a warning sign that you should look out for that you might be burning out.

Tim Kubiak 11:04
Last but not having Adam, Michael, now that we’ve learned about burnout, we’re gonna talk to Claire Chandler, Claire works with companies at every stage helping leaders transition, by the way, she will be on the show again, in January with a co author her new book, Ben Baker, on thoughts on leadership. That is my friend.

Claire Chandler 11:30
It’s awesome. Um, you know, I truly do believe that the biggest, the biggest impact on a company’s culture is the behavior of its leaders. Leaders tend to think well, culture is sort of, you know, bubbles up from the bottom. And it’s, and it’s an expression of, you know, the personalities of the collective of employees we’ve gathered. But that’s actually not true. And especially in the, in the case of startups, a startup is always, at least in the beginning, an expression of the founders personality. Always and there’s, there’s good and there’s bad in that right. And I don’t mean bad as in, you know, evil, that there’s an evil twin, be fun to work with an evil twin sometimes just to just to see how I can convert them. But that’s a story for another time. But you know, there there are always things that they are genius at typically it’s it’s being creative and being strategic and being the relationship builder with with clients, right. And that’s always part of the growing pain is as we grow. You know, we become victims of our success, that we can’t handle the delivery in the execution of every client engagement that we enter into anymore. That’s why we need more people, right, and we need the right people. But they have to be extensions of us, they have to compliment us in areas that we are not, you know, that are not our genius zone. But they also have to deliver a consistent quality experience to the client because the client comes on board, because they want you know, they have established a chemistry or rapport, a comfort level with that founder. And now you’re going to say I don’t really get to work with him or her, I work with a team behind them. If they are not truly a cohesive extension expression of you know, the founders vision for the company, that client engagement is likely not going to go terribly well. And it’s going to require that founder that you know, CEO, to spend an inordinate amount amount of their time and attention on keeping that relationship fresh and strong rather than looking for the next innovation the next client engagement.

Tim Kubiak 13:39
That brings us to the end of this episode. Again, I hope everyone’s having a safe, happy holiday season. Your 2021 plans well on your way. If you haven’t already done so please subscribe to the channel to the podcast via your favorite service. You can always check me out and learn more about what I do and how I help companies grow at Tim I work with founders business owners of transition, as well as individual contributor sales people really are where I choose to spend my days. Thanks again.

Happy home.

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