Category: Best of 2020

Best of Innovators and Entrepreneurs in 2020

2020 gave us access to a number of innovators, entrepreneurs, and mavericks who looked to not only survive but were able to thrive on their creativity, meet the changing needs of their clients, and grow their businesses.  

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Most Inspirational Guests of 2020

Without question, the five people in this episode touched us in an emotional way this past year. Something so many needed in what has been a challenging time like no other we have lived through and at what is for some a particularly difficult season of the year these are the people that lifted my spirits, unlike any others. Were able to connect on a very personal level and their stories and work are inspirational.

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Author Interviews Best of 2020

This year we have had an amazing array of guests. When looking back at how to truly celebrate their expertise, willingness to share, and help others be successful. With that, we’ve made a best-of series for your listening pleasure over the holidays. All of the episodes are under 20 minutes. Perfect for that last run to curbside pick up before the festivities start.

This episode features Dominick Domasky of Motivation Champs, Christopher Wirth of the Positivity Tribe, Ryan Stanley of Be Patient, Be Present, Be Joyful, Michael Levitt the Chief Burn Out Officier, and Claire Chandler of the Profitable Swager program (Her new book is already out. Claire and her coauthor Ben will join us in early 2021.)

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