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Exceptional Customer Service

Providing exceptional customer service can make all the difference in the success or failure of a business. Dr. Kelly Henry specialized in delivering exceptional customer service learn how to provide exceptional customer service. Something he became committed to when he bought his first practice.

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Driving Forces, Emotional Intelligence, and Better Communication

Driving Forces, Emotional Intelligence, and Behavior.  This episode takes some of the best practices you can develop to communicate better and more clearly with co-workers, family, and others.  With the help of Tammy Ebright, we get a first-hand look at Tim’s very own results in an uncensored and unrehearsed fashion.  The intention is to gain better communication and emotional intelligence skills,  It a great look at Tammy’s work, talents, and business through the lens Inside Look at insights from the DISC Profile Tool

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Business Leaders Shift to the Positive

Business Leaders Shift all the time. to adjust to changing market conditions, internal and external challenges and with the right approach business leaders can shift to the positive and drive improved results and higher satisfaction for themselves, employees, and customers.

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Life and Business Lessons Learned

Jim Roddy is an inspirational story in and of himself. Like a great coach life and business lessons go far beyond our chosen sports. In his latest book “The Walk on Method” Jim shares Life and Business Lessons Learned by 31 College Athletes who made their teams the hard way; by walking on.

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Leadership Beyond The Crisis

What does leadership beyond the crisis look like? During COVID-19 Claire Chandler and Ben Baker teamed up to create a video series, “Leaders Made Here” leadership community and their new book “Leading Beyond a Crisis” to enable companies to focus at least one eye on the horizon and move successfully towards their “what’s next?”

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A Day In the Life of a CEO

Lynn Murphy is an accomplished CEO, Innovator, and Thought Leader with high growth companies. Everyone thinks they know what it’s like to lead a company and grow a business. Often the responsibility and commitment to your teams is not truly understood, Lynn shares her experience, insight, and thoughts on how she as a  C Suite Executive approaches the business, the importance of employees, and what life is like for a senior exec.

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Promoting Women into Leadership in Organizations and Society

Women succeed in the workplace when they understand the rules of the game and learn how to play the organizational game and win. Einat and Ilana the founder of Moveup helps raise the awareness of organizations, employees, and managers to the obstacles unique to women. They demonstrate how to: beat these obstacles, enable women to maximize their potential in the workplace leveling the playing field by helping companies that are empowering and promoting women into leadership positions.

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The Difference Between Winning and Success Ep #40

Shawn Harper an inspirational speaking and form NFL player shares the Difference between winning and success.  One is about you and the other is playing inside other’s systems to their benefits not your.

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Building Companies That Can Scale Quickly

You have to design your company to grow and scale.  Along that journey, it takes structure, and communication of roles to accomplish the vision.  Today is all about building your business to scale quickly.   We’ll cover leadership, strategy, organizational design

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Becoming Digital Era Leaders with Charles Araujo

“Becoming Digital Era Leaders” today’s topic is for line of business execs as well as IT pros involved in Digital Transformation with Charles Araujo. We explore the impact of Digital Transformation, Customer Experience, and the way forward for business and not just tech.

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