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The Difference Between Winning and Success Ep #40

Shawn Harper an inspirational speaking and form NFL player shares the Difference between winning and success.  One is about you and the other is playing inside other’s systems to their benefits not your.

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Building Companies That Can Scale Quickly

You have to design your company to grow and scale.  Along that journey, it takes structure, and communication of roles to accomplish the vision.  Today is all about building your business to scale quickly.   We’ll cover leadership, strategy, organizational design

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Becoming Digital Era Leaders with Charles Araujo

“Becoming Digital Era Leaders” today’s topic is for line of business execs as well as IT pros involved in Digital Transformation with Charles Araujo. We explore the impact of Digital Transformation, Customer Experience, and the way forward for business and not just tech.

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Developing Leadership Skills – Learning to Lead

Today’s topic is developing leadership skills and our guest is Jeff Hancher the founder of the Champion’s Forum. Jeff is a keynote speaker and works with companies of all sizes as a leadership coach offering private and group coaching, His Career began serving his country in the United States Army.  

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Ride Share Leaving the Drivers Stranded During the Shut Down

With most of the world shut down and governments doing their best to saves lives and/or destroy the economy. We can let the pundits and politicians argue that we’re business people, the one missing component…

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Building a Services Business Episode #12

In Episode 12 Building a Services Business, the focus is on what it takes to add a services revenue and profitability stream from the ground up to your existing product-based business to diversify offerings, create a reoccurring revenue, improve profitability and EBDITA.

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