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Remote Selling Best Practices – Selling in the New Normal

Remote Selling Best Practices is part of our Selling in the New Normal Series. Remote selling is often looked at as the lesser skilled part of the sales profession. After all it’s “the big hitters” that fly all over the world to go meet customers face to face.

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Nutri IQ and Shaun Herr Launching a Business in a Pandemic

Today’s post on launching a business in the pandemic is based on an interview I recently did with Shaun Herr, the co-founder of Nutri IQ. It’s broken out into 3 main parts. A bit about Shaun and his background (plus a few gym rats having a chat about supplements).

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Preparing for a Sales Job Interview Episode #17

Preparing for a Sales Job Interview is Part 2 of our 3 part series with Barry Pulis the founder of the U.S. Recruiting Group. You Can read and listen to the first Part – How to Prepare for a Job Interview

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Q1 2020 Sales Opportunity Mailbag Episode #16

Welcome to the first Sales Opportunity Mailbag Episode which features readers and listeners questions from the past 3 months. With Steve Urell as a returning guest this is from a live web session held in March and moderated by the show producer Courtney.

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Ride Share Leaving the Drivers Stranded During the Shut Down

With most of the world shut down and governments doing their best to saves lives and/or destroy the economy. We can let the pundits and politicians argue that we’re business people, the one missing component…

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How to Prepare for a Job Interview Episode #14

No matter where you are in your career from new graduate to seasoned professional this week’s episode will help prepare for your next job interview. “How to Prepare for a Job Interview with Barry Pulis Episode #14”

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Selling Over the Phone Episode #13

Phones Sales Skills lacking? Selling over the phone isn’t just for low end offers. In the B2B world for decades millions of dollars get sold over the phone every day. 


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Building a Services Business Episode #12

In Episode 12 Building a Services Business, the focus is on what it takes to add a services revenue and profitability stream from the ground up to your existing product-based business to diversify offerings, create a reoccurring revenue, improve profitability and EBDITA.

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Selling Over the Phone Training for Remote Workers

Hope everyone is safe and well and given the circumstances business is good. Given a number of my clients and friends have been impacted by having their sales teams begin to work remotely. On Monday we did a super quick live selling over the phone training that built on the Phone Sales Skills post from last week and then quickly covered listening skills and best practices for leaving a voicemail .

Listening Skills Phone Selling Over the Phone

Generally speaking the stereo type fits for many people not just sales professionals. We talk too much and listen too little. One Mouth Two Ears. Sure there should be interactive two way dialogue and naturally flowing conversation. So in short your role is not to perform a soliloquy nor should your questions reassemble and interrogation from Law and Order.

  • Ask a Question and Shut Up. Being direct let the customer speak,
  • Respond if the Customer Ask a Question
  • It’s Not About You – Make it About the Customer’s Needs.
  • Question, Clarify, Paraphrase and Repeat
  • Using Mute as Your Super Power
  • Active Note Taking

The Art of the Voicemail

Voicemail when used correctly can be a powerful tool to engage current customers, make your name recognizable to prospects and new contacts, and occasional get a call back.

  • Script vs. Talking Points
  • Slow Your Speech Pattern Down to get the Best Results
  • Get to the Point Don’t babble on about nothing
  • Ask for an Action or Response
  • Repeat your Name
  • Leave Your Call Back Number Twice

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Kim Kibe Episode #11… Discovering her passion

In this episode from cakes to classroom to worldwide fitness trainer we talk to Kim Kibe about how she built her business and a life she wanted by discovering what her passion is….. With a strong background in English Literature and life long Ozzy Osborne fan Kim Kibe has worked across academia, the public school system, and the business world yet none of it was her true passion.

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