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10 Things Top Salespeople Know is a Waste

From our 30 Things Top Performers series today we go over 10 things top salespeople know is a waste of their time. Yet we see companies doing this over and over again. instead of activities that drive results. The audio, video, and additional lists in this builds on the 30 Things Top Salespeople Need and Want but won’t tell you.

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Building and Maintaining Relationships with Jessica Couto

Today we will be discussing Building and Maintaining Relationships with my friend and guest Jessica Couto.  Jessica is a consistent winning technology executive ( Women of the Channel, 5 Star Channel Programs,, ETC) and  the VP of North America Channels at Vectra.

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CRM Short Comings – What Your CRM isn’t Telling You With Steve Urell Episode #6

“CRM Short Comings – What Your CRM isn’t Telling You”. It takes on the age-old question of pipeline, forecast, and commit as debated in sales meetings. Your Customer Relationship Management Systems are powerful tools for collecting contacts, and managing opportunities, and looking at general pipeline information.  Despite that, they do leave gaps in salespeople and business leaders’ knowledge.

Steve’s approach to Sales Opportunity Management means you can go from “what you think you know” to “what you actually know” Moving from fiction to fact when it comes to your best opportunities to win business and competitive position.

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