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Leading an Exceptional Life You Actually Want

“Leading an Exceptional Life You Actually Want” is a frank discussion with Robert White about how you can choose your own path and create a career, and life you truly want, Robert and Tim discuss how they changed their own lives to build businesses that serve them. Coaching and training businesses that are built around helping others build a life they want, lead in authentic and meaningful ways, and the impact that a coaching and training business has had on their own lives.

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Essentials for Start Up Success, Creativity and 2 Geeks Having Some Fun

In this episode, Jason Sherman Author of Strap on Your Boots shares what makes the difference between a successful start-up and one that bombs and never gets going.   A lot of people talk but he works with founders every day as well as having taught the material a Wharton.  We also talk about his background as a musician, entrepreneur, building minimum viable products prior to launch, film making and a bit of Star Wars.

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From Idea to Prototype to Production

Every entrepreneur starts somewhere. On occasion, it begins with going from idea to prototype to production. Some start with selling what there is already a demand for. Others are inventors, innovators, and dreamers. Along the way, we all need help building our businesses. A coach a mentor, or a specialist to go from an idea to a thriving enterprise. Andrew Lees help people take their ideas from the first spark of inspiration to design, production, and ultimately to the market. He shares what he has learned from helping founders create the products, and packaging the want.

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90 Day Fast Track to Cash Instant Entrepreneur

Today we are joined by Harry Brelsford who shares how to innovate yourself as an entrepreneur moving forward. If you’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur the Pocket MBA is a fit for you. Perhaps you have found yourself unemployed (or underemployed) and are looking to recreate yourself fast – this is your book. 

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Creating a Culture of Business Episode #37

Not every culture is built on entrepreneurship like the United States. In fact, for many places, the idea of creating and owning a business rather than taking the university route and getting a “job for life” can meet with push back from family, friends, and even society itself.

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