Tag: Finding a New Job

Creating the Life You Want

From the Golf Course to Wealth Management Career Transitions, Personal Growth, and Creating the Life You Want is what our guest today Stephanie Follin shares with us. We don’t always start out where we are meant to be.  In a time when many people are looking for a  job today’s guest, Stephanie Follin shares her own professional journey from working seasonally at golf courses, to helping high net worth individuals and business owners plan their futures and transitions.

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Upgrading Your Job Search Part 1

The difference between a successful job search and a fruitless one is often how you present yourself. Upgrading your job search starts with upgrading your resume, social media accounts, and the story your present to the world. In Part 1 of this episode Michael Glinter has placed over 3700 People, Created over 1,700 resumes, and delivered more than 200 on-site job search training shares with you direct, frank, and insightful information on what it takes to land your next job. 

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