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Get Quality Appointments with the Right Prospects

Do you have enough quality appointments with the right prospects? Ask any salesperson, good or bad; killing it or struggling. Most of them will tell you they need more leads, and more accounts.  While that is certainly not always true there are cases where leads are fine but what truly leads to more business, more deals won, and unprecedented results is increasing the number of quality appointments with the right prospects. Simple put Quality matters fare more than quantity.

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Planning a Better Sales Call Episode #2

Regardless of your role, here are 7 strategies for Planning a Better Sales Call that will help anyone who is participating in a meeting be more actively and effectively involved. No matter who it is or what their role within the business is everyone from Sales, Customer Service, and Customer Satisfaction is a valuable part of the team. Business is a team sport and nobody wants to “win” just a participation trophy. Of course as usual there is expanded bonus content for Planning a Better Sales Call for those of you who really want to make the most of every customer facing opportunity and stand out against the competition.

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