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Sales and Business Pivots for Future Growth

Business as we know it has changed forever.  Today we talk about the Sales and Business Pivots for Future Growth that owners, leaders, and sales professionals need to make to thrive in the future.

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Selling Over Web Conferences and Video Calls

Selling Over a Web Conference has gone from a rarity to a foundational part of Selling in the New Normal. As the importance of remote selling continues this Podcast episode focused on Video Best Practices for Remote Selling. 

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Remote Selling Best Practices – Selling in the New Normal

Remote Selling Best Practices is part of our Selling in the New Normal Series. Remote selling is often looked at as the lesser skilled part of the sales profession. After all it’s “the big hitters” that fly all over the world to go meet customers face to face.

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Selling Over the Phone Episode #13

Phones Sales Skills lacking? Selling over the phone isn’t just for low end offers. In the B2B world for decades millions of dollars get sold over the phone every day. 


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